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Twitter Chatter

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Well last week we were supposed to join a twitter chat, being new to twitter it took me most of the week to figure out how to join a chat and then I realized most happen in the evening hours.  Sunday evening I was going to participate in the #1stchat chat using tweetchat. I signed in easily and since I’d practiced with tweetchat I was feeling pretty prepared.  However, it was their end of the year review which mostly involved everyone thanking one another for various supports during the year and sharing their summer plans.  I didn’t have anything to contribute to this chat, which is why you should check the chat topic before you decide to chat.  This week I’ll try to get into another chat and will update my progress.  I did use tweetchat as a way to check in on previous chats with groups but not a live chat.  It was cool to see the live chat happening, it reminded me a lot of the chat rooms I used to go to in the late 90s. Somethings I guess don’t really change they just evolve into new forms.  I used to enjoy chatting with people from around the world about common interests (usually books in my case) and chat rooms were all the rage.  Now twitter is the new rage and you can still chat about common interests.  

This weeks tech task has me all excited…PODCASTS!! I love podcasts, especially while driving the eight hours to edmonton to visit my family!  I have a bunch I listen to so watch for my list later this week and I’ll share my journey to find an education themed podcast I like to add to the list.  I’ll also be producing a podcast which is exciting I just need to decide on a topic to talk about.  It’s nice when you get to share something you are really passionate about and why I feel okay about continuing my twitter chat tech task into this week because it won’t leave me feeling overwhelmed.