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Some Days Technology SUCKS!!

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Today was one of those days where technology humbles me.  Lately quite a few friends have been complimenting me on my tech skills and I’ve been helping people out but before anyone starts to think I’m a guru just listen to my story.  Last night I get a phone call from my bank and discover that somewhere somehow my debit card and pin got skimmed and were now being used in Quebec. So I spent all morning today filing fraud reports with my bank and changing all my account pin’s.  I’ll get my money back but they don’t know how long and while I was happy they only got 600.00 apparently that’s a fairly major haul.  Apparently I missed seeing the skimmer on the terminal so I’m not as observant as I thought.  

Then I went to the mac dealer to see if they could fix the weird wi-fi problem I’ve been having.  For the last week I’ve sat in class trying to access the internet via my iPad or macbook, everyone else in the room is getting on no problem. however my devices can see the networks (have used them before) but just won’t connect.  They won’t even connect to my iPhone hotspot.  Then I get home and there is no problem.  This same problem has happened mostly at the university but also at a coffee shop.  So I figure after researching my problem through numerous apple discussion boards and getting nothing I’ll bring an expert in.  So I walk into the computer place, they try to connect to their network…viola everything works….I’m standing there looking crazy with a perfectly working macbook and iPad.  So tonight we’ll see if I can get on the network at the university, if not them I’m going into university IT department for more help.  If anyone has any ideas about what I can do to fix this problem I’d be grateful because I’m giving a presentation tomorrow which requires both my laptop and internet to work at the university.  

So I spent the whole day dealing with technology gone wrong issues and have nothing but a blog post to show for it.  The moral of my story is that no one knows everything about technology and there is always going to be that problem that frustrates you so just keep searching!