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A few good books

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As part of my crazy idea to take three summer courses at once I am taking a education library class.  I love picture books and sharing books with kids.  So as part of this I wanted to share some books with you.  I’m thinking this is a good way to keep exploring new books and so I might make this a regular feature on this blog.  Let me know your thoughts and any suggestions which would make this something more useful for you.   

Image1. Help Me Mr. Mutt! by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel

When dogs have trouble who do they turn to? Why it’s Mr.Mutt the dear abby of the dog world. In this fun book Mr. Mutt helps all sorts of dogs solve their problems but what he doesn’t know is that his own problems are going to take over.  Once his problem gets out of control can Mr.Mutt solve his own trouble?  Read the book to find out.  As an added bonus this book includes a search and find list to keep the fun going even after the first reading.  For classroom use this would be a great book to use while teaching letter writing or exploring problem solving skills.  

2. One by Kathryn Otoshi

ImageThis book is hard to explain in a book talk format it is the story of what happens when the red dot picks on the blue dot.  Through the story and amazingly simple but beautiful illustrations the author examines the concepts of colours and numbers while sharing a story about being true to yourself in the face of bullying.  The anti-bullying message is well done with a gentle touch.  Never preachy or heavy handed the author conveys the feelings of both the bully and the bullied.  Even young children can gain a lot through this story and the beautiful illustrations make it a natural for a read aloud.