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Some Days Technology SUCKS!!

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Today was one of those days where technology humbles me.  Lately quite a few friends have been complimenting me on my tech skills and I’ve been helping people out but before anyone starts to think I’m a guru just listen to my story.  Last night I get a phone call from my bank and discover that somewhere somehow my debit card and pin got skimmed and were now being used in Quebec. So I spent all morning today filing fraud reports with my bank and changing all my account pin’s.  I’ll get my money back but they don’t know how long and while I was happy they only got 600.00 apparently that’s a fairly major haul.  Apparently I missed seeing the skimmer on the terminal so I’m not as observant as I thought.  

Then I went to the mac dealer to see if they could fix the weird wi-fi problem I’ve been having.  For the last week I’ve sat in class trying to access the internet via my iPad or macbook, everyone else in the room is getting on no problem. however my devices can see the networks (have used them before) but just won’t connect.  They won’t even connect to my iPhone hotspot.  Then I get home and there is no problem.  This same problem has happened mostly at the university but also at a coffee shop.  So I figure after researching my problem through numerous apple discussion boards and getting nothing I’ll bring an expert in.  So I walk into the computer place, they try to connect to their network…viola everything works….I’m standing there looking crazy with a perfectly working macbook and iPad.  So tonight we’ll see if I can get on the network at the university, if not them I’m going into university IT department for more help.  If anyone has any ideas about what I can do to fix this problem I’d be grateful because I’m giving a presentation tomorrow which requires both my laptop and internet to work at the university.  

So I spent the whole day dealing with technology gone wrong issues and have nothing but a blog post to show for it.  The moral of my story is that no one knows everything about technology and there is always going to be that problem that frustrates you so just keep searching! 


Ketchup Days

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In elementary school we had ketchup days….it wasn’t until I was much older that I realized the teacher was probably saying catch up days.  Well today is one of those days.  I let myself rest and recover on the weekend but today is a whirlwind of readings, posts, finishing projects and comment replying.  I have two projects due this week in my other classes and more to follow quickly in the weeks to come.  This week is the halfway point of this incredibly short semester and I can hardly believe how quickly the first half went.  I like the fast pace but boy a few days out of commission can set a person behind.  So I’ll put my nose back to the grindstone but just wanted to say thanks for the get well soon tweets, comments and Facebook posts!  

Busyness takes a toll

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Today I’m feeling horrible so I went to the doctor and congrats it’s tonsillitis.  I’m one of those rare adults who still have tonsils and still get tonsillitis.  I know I should probably just get a doctor to take them out but I never seem to have time.  It does seem as my workload and therefore stress level get higher I tend to get sick, which I think is true for lots of people.  So today I’m taking a day off, making some comfort food and relaxing while I wait for the antibiotics to clear up my sore throat.  This also means I’m delaying finishing the recording of my podcast until I sound less like a croaky frog or barky seal.  Thankfully I get over this quickly and should be back to normal in a few days.  I have projects to finish and presentations to do.  We’re at the halfway point of this short semester so there’s no time to waste but one day off is a good investment in my health.  

Interning Information is In!!

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I’m soo excited because today I opened my mailbox and there was my internship information.  I have been placed in a kindergarten classroom, which was exactly what I wanted.  I’ll be contacting my cooperating teacher today and hopefully be visiting with her before the end of the school year to discuss what next year will look like.  However, just knowing I’m in a kindergarten classroom has me just sooo excited!! All of my other placements have been in older classroom and have been great but kindergarten is closer to my preferred age and is something I am very comfortable with.

Eureka Sunday!

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Well today I’m relaxing and watching the latest season of Eureka, which sounds like it’ll be the last.  I really like this quirky little show about a small town where all of the best scientists live and work.  I think the best part is getting a glimpse into possible future technologies.  I find myself feeling inspired and I think that good science fiction could inspire students to explore science.  I remember reading Tom Swift as a child and that inspiring my young explorations.  I was lucky to have parents who provided me with things like a microscope kit and chemistry kit so I was able to explore.  I enjoyed my solo explorations much better than the directed experiments in science class because of the possibility of “something” happening.  Sadly nothing great was ever created through my explorations in fact we’re probably lucky I didn’t blow up the house of create toxic fumes when I started introducing and mixing household cleaning chemicals into it.  I think this is the feeling that teachers are hoping to create when they engage in inquiry learning practices.  I can attest that for me inquiry learning was powerful.  Starting with a goal that is engaging and interesting to the learner and giving them the tools to work towards that goal.   So the true key piece in inquiry learning is engaging the child’s imagination.  Maybe that means using a movie clip, a story book or a tv show but once that spark of imagination is engaged anything becomes possible.

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.
Carl Sagan

Imagination has brought mankind through the dark ages to its present state of civilization. Imagination led Columbus to discover America. Imagination led Franklin to discover electricity.
L. Frank Baum

Trust that little voice in your head that says ‘Wouldn’t it be interesting if…’; And then do it.
Duane Michals

Things I like

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Besides children’s books I do read quite voraciously in many fiction genres, one tech tool I’ve found particularly interesting is the program Goodreads.  I enjoy getting to interact with other readers and authors while tracking what I’ve read and want to read.  The online book clubs are interesting and members can create vast lists of books based on all sorts of themes.  It is a really great way to discover new things to read.  I’ve been really inspired to widen my reading tastes by seeing what other people are reading.  If you’d like to join me on Goodreads follow this link to my profile.

Pinterest is also a favourite program.  I love creating my bulletin boards of web links.  For me it’s a way to visually organize ideas I have found on the internet which makes it easier for me to locate the project I was interested in.  I also follow a lot of fellow teachers which allows me to see the cool ideas they are using in their classrooms.  In addition to classroom ideas I’ll admit to a weakness for the category geekery because it is exactly the items I’m interested in.  If you are interested in following me on Pinterest follow this link to my profile.


Today’s post will be delayed…

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Today was one of those days where for every step forward I think I took 6 backwards and frankly tonight I’m just exhausted so the post I’ve been working on for tonight just didn’t get finished so watch for it tomorrow.  I like the challenge of posting daily but coming up with a quality post takes me a bit of time and I’d rather wait and finish up a quality post than rush tonight.  Sorry 😦 

In return here’s another peek into my history and a clue to what my favourite thing to do when relaxing is.  Image