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Tech task 5a

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I’m struggling with this tech task more than any other, mostly because I feel I have nothing much to say on these topics. I never read anything without considering what might be the authors purpose and bias and on the Internet I greatly enjoy hearing from the other side of the issue usually through the comment section. I was impressed that in most of these cases the discussion stayed very civilized and professional for the most part. On the internet that is rare because people feel anonymous, so I often see very hurtful and inflammatory comments left on posts that deal with more controversial topics. I think the purpose of this task was to teach us to not accept things at face value and to dig deeper into an issue. I’m struggling because it seems like a well duh to me…however I realize that it isn’t obvious to everyone.

The beauty of the Internet is that everyone can share their ideas and opinions with others, however this means that everything comes from someone’s perspective. No one ever manages to stay completely neutral. Every web page you visit is there for a reason but often that reason isn’t clearly identified. I used to teach seniors how to surf the Internet at the public library and the hardest thing was teaching then to look at where the information came from. This became crucial when talking about health websites, who publishes that website will have a lot of influence on the type of information you will find. Learning to identify a drug companies website from a government website is crucial. Both will give you information and the information is important but what you do with that information is what matters.

So do I have an opinion about whether 0s should be given to students or whether Facebook/Twitter are good educational tools. Yep but I have no background to base it on its my opinion and not a very well formed opinion I’ll be honest. I’ve read these pieces and formed an opinion but I don’t feel like my sharing my opinion is of great importance to these debates. Sometimes wisdom is knowing when you have nothing to add and keeping your two cents for another issue.

About Ms. Ginther

I am an education student at the University of Regina studying Early Childhood Education. I have a strong interest in library science after working in the public library for 7 years. Eventually I hope to pursue a masters degree in librarian sciences.

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  1. Kirstenclarke

    You know I actually struggled with this tech task as well, probably the most I struggled with any of the tech tasks so far. I didn’t really know why I had such a hard time, I just didn’t have much to say because I felt like there were so many valid points for both sides of the argument. Perhaps I too did not have enough background information to form strong opinions. Reading your post made me feel a little bit more ok with myself for struggling with this task. I do like your closing advice in this blog ;).


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