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Well it is much harder to display the results of my survey than it is to create and embed the survey itself.  This is a big disappointment for me because usually things are pretty simple when using google products.  The survey summary with all the little graphs and charts is amazing and looks great, the survey worked really well but I can’t get the cool summary to display here.  The best I seem able to do is create a link to the results I’m going to keep searching because there should be a solution to this.  I suspect it’s going to involve me learning html editing so it may not happen quickly.  If you have any suggestions please share them 🙂


About Ms. Ginther

I am an education student at the University of Regina studying Early Childhood Education. I have a strong interest in library science after working in the public library for 7 years. Eventually I hope to pursue a masters degree in librarian sciences.

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  1. I’m not sure if you looked at my survey results, but I created my own little pie charts one by one and saved them as images and then inserted them to my blog. I did that in Google Docs and there was lots of information for how to create charts and graphs, so it wasn’t too hard!

    • I did look at your post and it was very nice 🙂 I wanted that kind of a nice look but that sounds like a lot of work when it’s already done but I think that is one solution and thank you for sharing!

  2. I ended up just adding a link to my results as well. After viewing some classmates results with their graphs and results embedded right into their post I was sure wishing I could have made mine look all fancy like that as well. I will be checking out any comments that you get to help expand my knowledge on how to do this :).

    • I figure asking for help would help more than just me so feel free to follow the comments. I like working with more than just my brain on things that are hard.

  3. It totally fine that you used a link to take us to your results. For the results to my survey I ended up putting my results graph into a paint document to include the percentages beside them. I think it worked fairly well. Maybe you can try something like that for next time….

    • I didn’t even think of using paint that’s a great idea. Glad that the link isn’t too cumbersome. I just like having pictures right on the blog for people to see.


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