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I have a bunch of posts I want to write but first it’s time for another book list!  I really like the idea of this being a weekly feature so you’ll find book list under categories and as the blog goes on hopefully there will be a bunch of posts with lots of great books.  

Image1. Pirates Go to School by Corinne Demas Illustrated by John Manders 

This book is a rollicking ride through the school day following a band of pirates as they turn the mundane school day into something magical.  The rhyming text and engaging illustrations make this a perfect read aloud book and I think I would use it to introduce the idea of daily routines.  It could also be used as a first day book to help students feel more comfortable.  All in all it is just a fun book.  


Image2. Ruby in Her Own Time by Jonathon Emmett illustrated by Rebecca Harry

In this quiet gentle book Ruby a duckling is just a little slower than all the other ducklings.  Papa worries that she won’t be able to learn but Mama knows that she’ll do it in her own time.  The soft pastel illustrations and repeated refrain of ‘in her own time’ sets the tone to have a good discussion about how everyone is different. It would be excellent with young children to help them understand that not everyone does everything at the same time or way.  I am taking a course about inclusion and this would be a book I’d use to begin having a discussion about how different students have different needs.  

Image3. Whose Tail is This? by Peg Hall and Illustrated by Ken Landmark

This book could almost be considered non-fiction it is so full of excellent facts.  Each section starts with a picture of a tail and asks students to guess who it belongs to.  Turn the page and are shown whose tail it is and given some fun facts about that animal.  At the end a short quiz refreshes the kids memories about what they’ve learned and a short appendix gives even more fun facts and words to know.  There is even a reference list with good websites and books to continue the learning.  All of this is written in easy to understand language with bright, bold illustrations.  I like that it would be great for reluctant readers because it is not intimidating.    

About Ms. Ginther

I am an education student at the University of Regina studying Early Childhood Education. I have a strong interest in library science after working in the public library for 7 years. Eventually I hope to pursue a masters degree in librarian sciences.

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  1. Nice looking book list and a good idea. Maybe you can teach me how to make a good quality children literature book list of my own!

  2. Thanks for sharing these books! Sometime I feel like going into the library can be overwhelming, especially in the children’s section as there are just soooo many options and its hard to know where to start. To sit and look through tons of books trying to find ones that would be appropriate and engaging for students can take hours, so hearing from other teachers or pre-service teachers what books they would recommend is just awesome! I sure hope you continue with this weekly feature as I find it to be a great resource! 🙂

    • @kirstenclarke I’m glad you find my reviews helpful. I agree it can be overwhelming sometimes at the library but as a former library staffer I can let you in on a secret. The staff are just dying to share their favourite picks with you so I find that’s a great place to start in fact they’ll probably give you so much you won’t need anything else LOL! I will be trying to keep this feature as a staple because I enjoy writing about books.


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