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Well I took the plunge into twitter last night because of my ECMP class.  I can immediately see the appeal and how you can get a lot of information but I’m feeling almost overwhelmed with the in

formation.  It’s like being at a party with 300 conversations going on around you.  So far I feel like I’m only getting little snippets and not a whole conversation.  I think this is why I resisted for so long because I like more depth to my conversation, perhaps fewer people but longer posts.  I think that’s why blogging has always appealed more to me.  I am glad to be pushed into trying something new.  I do have a couple questions that I’m asking for help with

Help me Notes and Questions!!

I’m very confused by the chat thing on twitter.  I just don’t get it so if anyone has some helpful info or tips about how chat works that would be really great.  Tonight I’ll go digging for some information on chatting and try to figure that out.

Also if I’m at a restaurant would I write “@starbucks” or “at #starbucks”?  Just curious how the grammar thing works.

It’s easy to become complacent and comfortable in a technology rut so I’m glad I’m trying something new. I have a lot of friends that barely email, technology is their enemy and they refuse to learn or join. I don’t understand this technophobia they have I mean I don’t jump on every new technology but if it’s worth exploring new technology.

For a course I took a long time ago I read a book called “Technopoly” by Neil Postman and it’s basic premise was that culture is no longer shaping technology but technology is shaping our culture. Although he offered a compromise he basically set out two extremes that you either submit to technology or resist technology. I think this argument is dated in some ways but that he had some excellent points.  Technology is here to stay so you either learn to use it to your benefit or you ignore it to your detriment.  I think by ignoring technology until you have to use it means that technology manages you.  If you are exploring and open to new technologies you can look for the positives and negatives of the technology and adapt your world accordingly.

I love the way technology makes it easier to connect and share my ideas with more people than I could ever have imagined.  Three years ago when my husband died I tried going to a grief support group for widows but I was the youngest there by a good 30 years.  Online I found other young women who were going through the same thing, I also began blogging at that time as a way to share my thoughts and feelings that were too intense for face to face conversations for me.  Technology literally was a lifeline for me.  Now I live 8 hours away from my family but I get weekly photos and videos of my young nephew via text messages, these photos and videos seamlessly upload to my tv and now form my tv screensaver. This technology connects me to my nephew and brings my family right into my home and my daily life.  By updating my blog and Facebook pages my parents know what’s going on in my life. They have more awareness now of my beliefs and activities than when I lived under the same roof with them.  All these changes in technology that I have embraced were a little overwhelming at the start but now I couldn’t imagine my life without them.  Maybe twitter will make the cut, maybe not but I’ll try it out explore it’s possibilities and then make a decision.  At least I can say that I made a thoughtful decision about my participation or not in this technology.

About Ms. Ginther

I am an education student at the University of Regina studying Early Childhood Education. I have a strong interest in library science after working in the public library for 7 years. Eventually I hope to pursue a masters degree in librarian sciences.

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  1. I’m new to Twitter as well…it’s very overwhelming in the beginning. I just signed up last night and have yet to master how it works. If I’m able to figure anything out, I’ll let you know. Hang in there, my friends say it’s worth it!

    • I think it’s going to be worth it too but I’m glad I’m not the only newbie out there. I did find a very useful guide to chatting on the kinderchat blog. Trust Kindergarten teachers to explain things in a way I can understand 🙂 Hope this helps you too!

      • LOL Leave it to kindergarten teachers…they deal with the best of everything! Thanks for this, I will definately check it out…and maybe stop bothering my existing twitter friends 🙂

  2. Whether you use the @ or # in your Starbucks example depends what you want to accomplish.

    Using the @ symbol creates a “mention” of Starbucks, which in essence notifies Starbucks you tweeted about them. It’s like me saying, “Ms. Ginther, I applaud you for starting a blog.”

    Using the # symbol (called a “hashtag” in the Twitterverse) creates a keyword of sorts, associated with your Tweet. Anyone who searches #starbucks (including the company itself) might see your Tweet – along with many others. If enough people use a specific hashtag, the topic is said to be “trending” and is featured prominently on

  3. All I would add is that we use @nwinton to send a reply to someone. You will most often see it in a reply.

    Hope you enjoy your course. You’ll soon get the hang of it all.

    If you want to find out what some great teachers have been doing in their classes, you should search Twitter for the #pedagoofriday hashtag!

    Enjoy… 😉

  4. I”m also trying to figure out Twitter and all the language and symbols associated with it. I’m following you and so far it looks like you are starting to understand the @ and the #. I’m still learning about all the other things you can do on Twitter besides connecting with friends, classmates, and other educators. I know that you have probably already figured out some of those things as well. I hope you enjoy the Twitter world, because I know I will 🙂

    • Thanks Amber, I am enjoying exploring the Twitter world and I do feel like I’m beginning to grasp the @ and #. I found the kinder chat link I posted earlier very helpful to understand twitter a bit more so check it out if you are still struggling because it’s a good resource.

  5. Megan when we meet you need to give me a class on what you have learnt!!


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